Why do you have to buy a t-shirts

Myme Neck t-shirts have forever been an area of conventional fashion as from folk to celebrities, everybody loves carrying a jersey in their casual settings. as a result of carrying jeans is not that straightforward because it appears however it depends upon which kind of jersey you are carrying on prime. the proper casual covering is that the one in which each distinction colors’ and shades complement one another. as an example, black and grey bottoms almost typically worn to go with a jersey or shirt.
Celebrities also love to wear casual clothing for its comfort and ease them in their off-screen life. They mostly choose fresh and light colors inspired by coastal living. Celebrities are also just like us. They love going out for a walk, spending time with family and friends and do an everyday activity that a normal guy does in the spare time.

Neck t-shirts are the most common and casual clothing for celebrities. They are mostly seen in wearing light colors for summers like white, sky blue and light grey which barely absorbs heat and is lightweight and comfortable for wandering.

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Following is an example of famous celebrity Robber Pattinson wearing a plain and simple white round-neck t-shirt.

Another very high profile celebrity and American Sniper Bradley Cooper is usually seen wearing tees from his casual collection of clothing.

Following the same queue, the multi-talented 30 years old Zac Efron is seen surrounded by fans wearing the very simple Plain grey V-neck t-shirt.

T-shirts have always been a part of men’s fashion due to their blend of colors; comfort and casualty bring an enormous amount of confidence and comfort and the same time. 

So, now I see a lot of confused young faces out there, asking themselves what is the best t-shirts to buy?, and I have the answer.

How to design T Shirts

T-Shirt Designing

T-Shirt configuration is getting to be distinctly a standout amongst the most prominent outlets for creatives. Regardless of whether you’re an artist, visual creator or typographer, the prospect of having your outline on a T-shirt is a truly cool idea.

Be that as it may, the procedure can be an overwhelming thought. Gratefully, MYME DESIGN T-shirt outlines has removed time from his bustling scheduele to present to you a few tips

Outline it out, go for a walk, make a couple of varieties, have something to eat, do a full conceptualizing process. At that point mull over it. Also, do it over once more. In the event that it comes to you straight away, incredible. In any case, investigate different alternatives to be safe.

Utilize Pantone Colors when screen printing, the printers will love you for it. They’ll additionally cherish you on the off chance that you diagram message and extend any strokes you may have. There are a lot of good instructional exercises out there relying upon whether you’re utilizing Illustrator or Photoshop.


You Design, we deliver.

1960s: T Shirts

T Shirts

Culture- TShirts

Similarly as with different ranges of American mainstream culture, mold experienced a genuine move in the 1960s, from conservatism to abundance, from social congruity (doing what society expects) to independence (“doing your own particular thing”). The form symbol (image of mold) of the main years of the decade was first woman Jacqueline Kennedy (1929–1994), spouse of the well known youthful president John F. Kennedy (1917–1963). Jacqueline Kennedy, with her basic yet classy garments, was included in a large portion of the mainstream form magazines of the day. In any case, the refined conservatism of the primary woman soon offered approach to much bolder styles.


Around 1964, British architect Mary Quant (1934–) composed the “mod look,” which turned out to be particularly prominent among young ladies. Miniskirts, brilliantly hued dresses, dim eye cosmetics, and wild shirts, tights, and extras turned into the anger. Styles moved quickly from year to year. A thin, mod British model named Twiggy (1949–) soon supplanted Jackie Kennedy as the overwhelming style innovator. As the ladies’ rights development picked up impact, ladies likewise developed more free in their mold decisions. A few ladies went braless, and many started to wear pants interestingly.

Men, as well, were influenced by the new flexibility in mold. The buzz trim left style as the predominant hair style for men, and men progressively went to beauticians rather than hairdressers to keep their hair in mold. Before the decade’s over, male nonconformists could be seen wearing their to a great degree long hair in pig tails. The dim wool suit additionally left style as men looked for new alternatives, even in business wear. Ties became more extensive and hues bolder. Among young fellows, pants and a T-shirt remained the most well known dress decision.

I love Engineering TShirts

College T-Shirts

School T-Shirts are a definitive route for understudies and graduated class to gather in pride, and our MYME Design Shop has College Shirts for  colleges and colleges. Regardless of whether you’re simply hanging out on grounds or making a beeline for the stadium for diversion day, a College T-Shirt is the ideal approach to communicate your dedication amid the day. Look at the official College Football T-Shirts or bolster any game in our accumulation of baseball, softball, soccer, b-ball, lacrosse and Cricket MYME Design T-Shirts. Shop long sleeve and vintage College Shirts for men, ladies and youth at a definitive games store, myme.in.

Golf shirts

Golf shirts

Golf shirts, once in the past known as polo shirts or tennis shirts have been utilized for various types of game since the mid 1900’s. So in the event that somebody discusses polo golf shirts or tennis shirts, remember that they are not just worn in some English house. They are in undeniable reality precisely the same as Golf shirts. Today, Gold shirts are utilized for games any longer, as well as the Golf shirt is by and large a standout amongst the most flexible and mainstream apparel things accessible available. Here are the reasons why… .
Golf shirts make for flawless corporate wear in situations where a straightforward tee or T-shirts would be excessively easygoing yet entirely formal secure shirts are redundant either. Golf shirts are more agreeable and down to earth attire, however in any event still look semi-shrewd.
This is particularly helpful for an organization whose staff individuals execute a considerable measure of physical or outdoorsy sort of work. For whatever length of time that the golf shirts are institutionalized corporate golf shirts with your fantasy outlines and points of interest obviously and unmistakably imprinted on it, you will at present have the capacity to make your own particular expert picture.
Since Golf shirts have the ideal mix of solace and style, women golf shirts have turned out to be similarly in vogue. There is additionally a golf shirt accessible for each season. You can purchase long sleeve golf shirts for winter or a white golf shirt or cotton golf shirts that will be cooler for summer. So in the event that you are searching for sensible corporate uniform or viable limited time hand-outs, Golf shirts will practically no matter what, be an awesome decision.


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Men’s zipper

Men’s Zipper

Buy premium men’s zippers at myme.in

A men’s zipper is no longer considered as clothing just meant for gym and workout. These vintage men’s zippers have gone over a reconstruction and now are considered something much more than sweatshirts. These zippers are now available in a variety of colours and designs ranging in all segments. So myme.in comes in frame to provide you with a lot of genuine options for what you can wear. Also to make your shopping easier we offer a number of parameters which will narrow our ranger and make it easy for you to find your perfect one from our men’s zippers. This includes filtering on the base of colour, size, material, brands, new arrivals and price.

So you can enhance your wardrobe with our range of premium men’s zippers. You can get dresses for a casual day out with your friends with an open zipper and a solid colour t-shirt beneath. Pair them up with vibrant colours shorts to get a sporty look. The best thing about these zippers is the comfort they will provide you. The 100% cotton material used in these men’s zippers will keep you warm in winters and also relax your body.

Myme.in’s huge collection of men’s zipper is just what one can need to stay protected from cold and look funkier at the same time. Explore our store to get pick the right style for your and get ready for the chilling winds to come. Waking up for those lectures early in the winter morning and dressing up seems to be like a pain. But getting yourself dressed doesn’t seem that much pain when you have got the best in town men’s zipper which you can use to flaunt your style. Take a warm men’s zipper with gloves and get ready for the early morning bike rides these winters.  So hurry up what are you waiting for book a men’s zipper now at myme.in



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Casual T-shirts

Round neck Casual T-Shirts

Want to look the smartest guy in your circle? Or want to leave that everlasting impression on every guy in college? If you are looking for answers to these questions then you have probably landed on the right place. Myme.in brings you the best fashion range of casual t-shirts. If you are bored of those bland designs offered by several stores find the suitable match for you here at myme.in. The best part is if you still unhappy with ours then try to create one that you like.

          Our Exclusive Range

The exclusive range of casual t-shirts offered by myme.in is specially crafted for college going teenagers who want to flaunt of their signature style to everybody around them. We have made it easy for you with our premium range of casual t-shirts. We bring you a simplified editor which assists you in breaking the barriers of those monotonous designs of casual t-shirts. Now get your very own artwork and picture on your casual t-shirt. Print the logo of the brand which you think is the best in trend and get all this starting from just Rs.249.


Myme.in v/s other stores

When it comes to personalisation myme.in stands out of every leading brand present in the market. You get the freedom of creating your own casual t-shirt and wear it with chivalric certainty. All our pieces are manufactured and designed by experts who ensure the quality of the product before any further proceedings. All our products are designed by our company and sold unlike the others who just ship them through a seller. So hurry up impress that cute girl you have a crush on. Book a cool and funky casual t-shirts now at myme.in and be the trend setter of your college.


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Personalised T-shirt

Why wear what the designer wants you to wear? Be your own fashion expert and paint your own personalised t-shirt. Myme.in for the first time in India brings you the ease of crafting your own personalised t-shirt.

The art of perfection in personalised t-shirts

The sleek design with optimum fitting ensures that your personalised t-shirts look good when you wear them. You can book these personalised t-shirts for your cricket team or a college reunion. The vibrant colours are given such finish that they look well with any colour. As of now all the personalised T-shirts are available at a heavy discount and are available just at a price of Rs.199. Offer is valid until the stock lasts

How it works

  1. Pick a t-shirt from the templates given.
  2. Give your personalised t-shirt a colour which you like.
  3. Add an artwork to your personalised t-shirt.
  4. If you want to get something written just write down your feelings there.
  5. Choose a font style for your writing.
  6. Get your own image printed on the personalised t-shirt by uploading a picture.
  7. Choose the size and quantity and you are ready to book your personalised t-shirt.

Your very own personalised t-shirt will be shipped at your place within a few days by myme.in.








Why trust myme.in

Myme.in offers high quality t-shirts. Every t-shirt is passed through various stitching processes and crafted for perfection. Our experienced professionals ensure that every personalised t-shirt has a fit that suits body design and shape of any person. You can be assured of your dealing when you deal with myme.in. Our return policy is very easy and convenient. Myme.in carries trust with its name. What are you waiting for? Go grab a sketch and a paper and make your design and book it on myme.in


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Casual Easygoing T-shirts

Casual Easygoing T-shirts

Need to look the most astute person in your circle? Then again need to leave that everlasting impact on each person in school? On the off chance that you are searching for answers to these inquiries then you have presumably arrived on the correct place. Myme.in presents to you the best design scope of easygoing shirts. In the event that you are exhausted of those insipid outlines offered by a few stores locate the reasonable match for you here at myme.in. The best part is whether you still miserable with our own then attempt to make one that you like.

Our Selective Range

The selective scope of easygoing shirts offered by myme.in is uncommonly created for school going young people who need to parade of their mark style to everyone around them. We have made it simple for you with our premium scope of easygoing shirts. We present to you a rearranged proofreader which helps you in breaking the obstructions of those repetitive outlines of easygoing shirts. Presently get your own one of a kind work of art and picture on your easygoing shirt. Print the logo of the brand which you believe is the best in pattern and get such a lot of beginning from just Rs.199.


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MyMe Hoodie


Keywords:Customisable hoodie

Who doesn’t likes to wear a hoodie? But what if you can create one at your own rules with your own imagination, a customisable hoodie? Here we bring you this comfort. Myme.com for the first time in India brings you an editor with which you can design your very own hoodie at the comfort of your fingertips and we will deliver it at your doorstep.  Customisable hoodies with premium quality fabric and it comes in 100% cotton quality and can fit well on any body shape and size.

Why choose Myme.com

You can get an innovative hoodie for your friend’s group or a sports team. Just let us know your style, your colour and your artwork. Give a tint of your favourite colour with a logo of your favourite brand.  And here you go you are ready with a whole new customisable hoodie.


You can either start from scratch or choose to edit a pre-designed template to make your own customisable hoodies. All this at very affordable price of Rs.499.00. Get this comfort at your doorstep as your customisable hoodies will be delivered at your place. You can even choose from the artworks and clip-arts we offer. Show your style with a picture on your customisable hoodie. Feel free to ask for any query.  What are you waiting for? Be your own fashion designer and get these customisable hoodies at an unmatched price today.

So get up and give a trendy to start to your winters with this extremely chivalric customisable hoodie from myme.com. This fine quality double layered customisable hoodie is made to keep you warm as well as trendy. The vibrant colours we offer match almost any pair of shoes and jeans. So book your very own customisable hoodie today.



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